Web Development

Creating structure and functionality to allow persons of any skill level to maintain a website.


Onsite training from the basic to the advanced, for any size group.


Helping you understand what to do and when to do it.

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Raving Fans

When we need to hire someone who we know is going to get the job done thoroughly, quickly and well, we call Chris (Topher). When there's a problem to be solved along the way, immediately, he is thinking of feasible solutions, and before you can say, "how do you do that?" he has implemented it, and communicated that it's been done. No qualms about it, Topher is good and confident at what he does.

Paul Hart, The Image Group

Chris (Topher) has a wealth of knowledge and skills in regards to development for the web. He has been extremely helpful in the areas of PHP and CSS, as well as implementing javascript functionality, on a number of projects for 3Cstudio.

Steven Colthorp, 3C Studio

Chris is a man of character and an outstanding professional who values and respects people, thoroughly enjoys what he does and does it very well, and has developed notable expertise in Internet services and web site development and management. I enjoy Chris's affable personality and admire his work ethic, so it is easy for me to recommend him without hesitation or reservation.

Dr. Rex M. Rogers, Vice President at The Timothy Group

I've had the joy of benefiting from Topher's knowledge in the area of web development, HTML and CSS on a few occasions as well as discussion a variety of open source concepts. He is well informed and able to explain things in a way I've found very useful. I have major projects that include code built on examples he has provided.

Josiah Ritchie, Fellowship International Mission

When I mentioned to a friend that I wanted to expand my home business using a website, but had no knowledge at all on how to go about it, he recommended that I use Topher (Chris DeRosia). Within hours of contacting Topher, he had helped me to understand exactly what I was doing and had developed a clean looking, easy to edit template for my website. Topher has been more than accommodating and patient while answering my questions and helping me develop my website.

Deanna Gualtieri

Topher had a huge challenge in redoing my site, more than he bargained for, I'm sure. He took a site that was already designed artistically, but not good, technically, and reworked it. All the time, I was looking over his shoulder and saying, "Move it this way, just one pixel..." And, "No, back this other way, three pixels..." "Yes, that looks good!!" "No, it's a little too far up..." Maybe he was gritting his teeth inwardly, but he didn't show it! He very patiently worked with this very right-brained UNtechnical person until I was very, very happy with the results!! Great job, Topher!!!

Jeanette Gray
Jeanette Gray Couture Gowns

Topher came into our project at time when we were behind schedule and needed a solution fast. He not only gave us exactly what we asked for within days but he also advised us on how to streamline our process and make it more efficient. He's the real deal!

Cindy Johnston - Ada Bible Church - Ada, MI

The only programming I had ever done was in BASIC, so on my first day in Topher's PHP/MySQL class, I was afraid I'd be completely overwhelmed. But Topher's teaching was practical and we used real-world, functional examples. Rather than simply stuffing a "one size fits all" lecture down our throats, Topher worked to understand our personal programming goals and helped us understand how to make wise programmatic and database decisions.

By the end of the three-day course, I did not simply understand how to write a basic PHP program or use a MySQL database; I understood how to conceptualize a project programatically, decide which tools would help me accomplish my goals efficiently, and use PHP and MySQL to build a powerful web-based application.

Andrew McKenzie, Answers in Genesis

Topher was an inspiring teacher and I learned more in those three days than whole semester-long classes in college. He taught in such a way that I still remember most everything I learned and am using today. His teaching was project oriented which was perfect for my learning style and gave me a sense of accomplishment at the end of the class. I highly recommend it!

Joel Leineweber, Web Designer, Answers in Genesis

Creative, efficient, and understandable. Topher (Chris DeRosia) got us up and running in a direction we were entirely unfamiliar with. Our expertise is in conventional audio broadcast and video production, not web development or implementation... especially when it comes to PHP and MySQL. We were looking for an effective way to automate our program distribution. We knew where we wanted to go, but there was no short way to get there in house. Topher accomplished in an hour what otherwise would have cost us a lot of time and hair. But it didn't stop there. As we've been tweaking things on our end, he has been both accessible and easy to understand when we've needed help along the way. That is an important factor as we consider outsourcing. We don't even have a short list. If we have to sub out, we'll call Topher.

Kent Fraser - Without Reservation

I have above all one person to thank for preparing me for my career: Chris DeRosia. Working alongside him for a few months was better than years of formal education — I learned everything I know about dynamic web development from him. His knowledge in this field is immense and he has been my most effective resource when I've had questions.

Chris VandenHeuvel, Web Developer, Adoption Associates, Inc., former Cornerstone University Student

When we at Radio LUCE (Umbria, Italy) needed a major overhaul done on our website, we turned to Topher for help. He put in place a very functional system for managing our content and has helped us build on it since. We appreciate his work (a great blend of creativity and know-how) as well as his attitude of helpfulness and availability. The sense of humor is an added bonus. Thanks, Topher!

Dann Ransom, Radio LUCE - Umbria, Italy

I've worked with Topher on several projects and he has always delivered above and beyond my expectations. He is not only an expert in his field; he is also a pleasure to work with. Topher has the keen ability to keep us non-technical people up to speed and on the same page, making the developing process both productive and rewarding.

K Rhodes

Having no programming experience made the need to move toward PHP and MySQL a very intimidating notion. With the help of Topher in one on one instruction, I was able to learn in a week all the skills necessary to build and maintain a website powered by PHP and MySQL. His method of instruction made the complex seem simple and logical.

Tina Hubbell, Special Forces Ministries

I have had the privilege of seeing consistent evidence of Topher's professional excellence for the last nine years. He blends an incredible array of skills (programming, database design, strategy, and implementation) with tremendous ease in communication. Because I've regarded him so highly, I asked him to evaluate our Content Management System.

Predictably, he offered outstanding feedback and suggestions for modifications. I have found in him only exceptional understanding of web environments, and I have valued his terrific thoughts.

Ronnie Wilson, Aurora Foundation

"Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach a man to fish and he eats forever" as the saying goes. I think Topher thrives on this philosophy. He spent two days of customized, on-location, one-on-one training with us, utilizing one of our "real world" projects as a training environment. The result was not only a basic working knowledge of PHP and MySQL, but we actually had some of the work accomplished by the end of the training session. He not only wants you to learn, but to UNDERSTAND. And he supports that by his continued availability in offering suggestions and solutions whenever asked, long after the formal training has ended.

And for those who just need a fish, Topher's your man!

Tricia Halferty, Center for Lifelong Learning, Taylor University

I first bumped into Topher when he managed a link to our Children's Chapel on a text-only free-net, back in the days before there was a web. I'll never forget the day he challenged me to create a web page. I told him he was nuts. Undaunted, he said nothing but sent me to an award-winning web site, which, after much digging, I discovered had been created by a 12-year-old. I said to myself, "If that kid can do that, I certainly can, too!" The rest is history. Topher patiently mentored me, pointing me to learning tools, helping me whenever I got stumped, prodding and encouraging me to keep doing better. Topher's nudging launched us into a massive Internet ministry which continues to this day.

Barbara Haas, The Missing Link, Inc.

In January 2002 I received a great job offer as a php application developer despite the fact that I really had no idea how to program in php. I decided to attend Topher's class on web development and by the end I knew far more than I needed to achieve the results my company was looking for. Since then I have been able to take the things I learned in his class and apply them to much more in-depth projects which have furthered my personal, and professional life. I would highly recommend his classes to anyone looking to further themselves in their career.

Rick Hopkins, Morrison Industrial Equipment

We are thrilled with the work that Topher does for us. This is one man who knows what he is doing, is passionate about it, and has personal, individual care for every group he works with.

On top of that, he has equipped us with the tools to do for ourselves what is necessary to make our web site relevant every day without depending on outside sources.

We hope to partner with him for many years to come!

Jonathan Whitman, Missionary to Italy

Design comes easy to me. Programming is where I have to actually "work." Before I took Topher's course, I knew about PHP and MySQL and fumbled my way through them, mostly just editing existing code. After Topher's class, I actually understood how to connect the dots between server-side scripting and a database... I'm now writing my own web applications, and rewriting others as needed! He taught the basics (and much more) in a way that made sense to a non-programmer. He's given me a foundation upon which to build.

Jase Smith, star29.net

Topher is timely, one-of-a-kind, practical, hilarious, eccentric, and respectable. That is what his name spells anyway ...

Max Hengeveld, Reverend Fun

Topher's teaching doesn't end in the classroom. He doesn't teach you skills as much as he trains your mindset - that way you keep learning from him even when you're at home struggling with the code at 2am.

Andrej Ciho, Cornerstone University IS Dept.

We at Youth For Christ wanted to build a new web site that had a structure that would be flexible and grow but didn't know where to begin. Topher started us out on the right foot and asked us all the right questions in order to help us get on our way.

Jason Weed, Youth For Christ

Finding someone who can teach good code practices and practical application at once is hard to find. I found Topher to be the best of both worlds. He was able to quickly move through the basics of php and mysql and then move onto the stuff that matters to most people, real world integration. I would highly recommend taking a course from Topher as a fantastic way to move ahead in your web development skills.

Don Britton, President, Dogfish Enterprises, London, Ontario, Canada

Topher does great work, and we're thankful. But the real value in our relationship is his willingness (and patience!) to field my myriad of questions and explain the techie side of things until I understand. I've learned a lot, which not only saves time but also saves money.

Darrell Yoder - Institute of Theological Studies

I attended one of Chris DeRosia's web development courses. His effective teaching style enabled me to learn quickly and understand the concepts of the topic well. I will definitely return for future training and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for similar services.

Daniel Bradbury - Daniel's Computer Services & Web Design

I took a class on PHP and MySql taught by Topher. Going into the class I knew only the most basic HTML, but after leaving this class I had a good foundational knowledge of PHP, MySQL, HTML and even CSS. The strengths Topher has for teaching are excellent communication, fun sense of humor, practical knowledge and examples, and a genuine concern for his students advancement and understanding. I would recommend sitting under Topher whether you are beginning to dabble in web site design or wanting to brush up your coding skills.

Bryan VanHaitsma, Words of HOPE