Web Development

Creating structure and functionality to allow persons of any skill level to maintain a website.


Onsite training from the basic to the advanced, for any size group.


Helping you understand what to do and when to do it.

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Raving Fans

The only programming I had ever done was in BASIC, so on my first day in Topher's PHP/MySQL class, I was afraid I'd be completely overwhelmed. But Topher's teaching was practical and we used real-world, functional examples. Rather than simply stuffing a "one size fits all" lecture down our throats, Topher worked to understand our personal programming goals and helped us understand how to make wise programmatic and database decisions.

By the end of the three-day course, I did not simply understand how to write a basic PHP program or use a MySQL database; I understood how to conceptualize a project programatically, decide which tools would help me accomplish my goals efficiently, and use PHP and MySQL to build a powerful web-based application.

Andrew McKenzie, Answers in Genesis

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